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Become a Peer Reviewer! Earn cash!


Call for Pharmacy Tech Topics™ peer reviewers!

The publisher of Pharmacy Tech Topics™ is looking for technicians interested in doing peer reviews of the Pharmacy Tech Topics™ modules. All modules are reviewed by one pharmacist and one technician, in addition to ICHP staff.

The upcoming module for review is “Properly Managing Technology” (to be released on July 1, 2019). The reviewer timeline is March 4-April 1, 2019.

Reviewers are emailed a copy of the author’s final draft; upon completing the review and emailing back all reviewer documentation outlined below, the peer reviewer is paid $100.

If interested, please forward your interest with email and your CV/resume to

The process:

1. You will receive the draft module via email by March 4, 2019, and we will need your review materials back by April 1, 2019.

2. Sign a conflict of interest form. We will provide the form.

3. Read through the module which will be the author’s submitted draft with learning objectives. You will use Track Changes to insert your comments, suggested changes, etc.

4.Take the post-test and send that back to us. Then also review the post-test to make sure that each learning objective is covered by at least one question, that the questions are in the order the answer can be found in the text, and that they are within the scope of practice for a technician.

5. Record the amount of time it took you to read the module and complete the test on our home study form and sign it. We will provide the form.

6. Point out any areas in the module which you think pharmacy technicians from all practice sites would not understand and give some suggested changes.

7. Assess if the learning objectives were met from a technician’s perspective.

8. Identify if there is material which should be included but is missing – the modules are for all technician practice sites such as hospital and community, so we can’t go into everything.

If interested please email your CV to with “PTT Reviewer” in the subject line.

Thank you!
ICHP, publisher of Pharmacy Tech Topics™