Frequently Asked Questions

How do I replace or reprint my CPE information sheet?

If you misplace or need to replace your CPE information sheet in the future, you will be able to reprint it from this site. Available under "My Modules". Please note: For an official statement of credit, you must go to your CPE Monitor account, where all your ICHP accredited continuing education credit is reported.

I use Safari for my web browser and I'm having problems ordering Pharmacy Tech Topics™.

There is a compatibility problem with Safari and the radio buttons the Pharmacy Tech Topics™ website uses for ordering and processing tests. The suggested work around is to use another web browser when using (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer).

I cannot view or print my CPE information sheet after successfully completing the test.

Make sure you enable your web browser to display pop-up windows when visiting Also, make sure you have answered the survey questions.

Why do I need a CPE Monitor account with my own NABP e-Profile ID#?

The Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education (ACPE) and the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP) collaborated on CPE Monitor, a national system for tracking all pharmacist and pharmacy technician CE credit. All valid credit is now located in this national database, so no matter if you move to another state, change jobs, lose your paperwork, all your CE history will be available to you, and to the state Boards of Pharmacy, at CPE Monitor. The goal was to eliminate CE fraud and to simplify the CE verification process for states and employers, as well as to have one place for all pharmacists and pharmacy technicians to go to for their CE history.

Does Pharmacy Tech Topics™ send my credits to PTCB?

No, you should receive a post card from PTCB about 60 days before you recertify. You will want to log in to your CPE Monitor account and confirm your credit hours are sufficient. You will then want to upload your credit from CPE Monitor to PTCB, using the function provided on CPE Monitor. PTCB is now connected to CPE Monitor for this process. If you have lost your user name or password for either your CPE Monitor or PTCB accounts, please follow the instructions on their webpage to recover them. You can call PTCB with any questions you have at 1-800-363-8012. If you get audited PTCB will want to see proof of your statements of credit. CPE Monitor is the database that will have all of your confirmed credit. You can print your official statements of credit/transcripts from You make also download a copy for your records.

How do I know which module is Law and which is Patient Safety?

The January module of the even number years (2014, 2016, etc) will always be a law module. The January module in the odd number years (2015, 2017, etc) will be Patient Safety. So, if you purchase a two year consecutive subscription you will have 2.5 hours of law and 2.5 hours of patient safety. Out of the twenty hours required by PTCB, at least one hour has to be law, and one hour has to be patient safety. If you are completing the reinstatement process, you will need two hours of pharmacy law.

Can I use CE for Pharmacists?

The PTCB requirements are revised periodically. Please visit the PTCB website to review the most up to date requirements. As of October 2022, PTCB accepts 5 hours of Pharmacist-specific (P-specific) continuing education credit for pharmacy technician recertification. The remainder must be Technician-specific (T-specific). But the requirements are subject to change, so do please confirm with PTCB prior to your recertification deadline, to ensure you fulfill all the requirements in place at that time. Go to:

How do I subscribe to more modules on this website?

If you want to purchase additional modules make sure you are logged in to your account and click on buy modules it will then take you to the page were you can purchase the next one year or the next two year subscription; or a single module.

How do I purchase a single module on this website?

If you have an online account already, log in to your account with your user name and password, then click on "Buy More Modules", then "Buy Single Modules". You can then add the module of your choice to your cart and checkout from there. If this is your first time you must click on the purchase single module then follow the process for subscribing.

I have the modules mailed to my home, may I take the test online?

YES, you need to have a personal email address and send an email to Jo Haley at with "Online Post-Test Option" in the subject line. The following information must also be included in the email message: 1) first and last name 2) mailing address 3) city, state, and zip code 4) phone number 5) recertification date 6) email address 7) NABP e-Profile ID number and birthday as MMDD (for example, 1223 - means December 23). Next we will set up an online account for you and email your user name and password to you. You may change your password once you log in. Once you receive this information go to and log in. Click on My Modules in the upper right hand corner. You will see a list of modules you have ordered, but have not yet taken the test for. Find the correct module and click "Take This Test" in the box to the left of the module title. Take your test and you will instantly know if you passed and your score. If you pass your CPE will be automatically reported to CPE Monitor. You will be able to download a CPE information sheet from Pharmacy Tech Topics™ and either print or save this to your computer. If you have the modules mailed to your home, you can also fax or mail the answer sheets in for grading.

How can I contact PTCB?

You can get a lot of information needed to recertify on the PTCB website which is or you can call them on the phone 1-800-363-8012.

What is certification?

Certification is the process by which a non-governmental association or agency grants recognition to an individual who has met certain predetermined qualifications specified by that association or agency.

What is an NABP E-Profile number?

If you have not obtained your NABP E-Profile number yet, you will need to go to website and obtain yours. Do not know what this is? CPE Monitor is a collaborative service from the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP) and the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education (ACPE) that provides an electronic system for pharmacists and pharmacy technicians to track their completed CPE credits. It will also streamline reporting and compliance verification for participating boards of pharmacy. So, YES, you will need this! We must have the NABP information to grant official CE credit per the new rules of the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education. Any questions please contact NABP at 847-391-4406.

What if I move to a different state? Is my certification still valid?

Certification is valid nationwide. If you move to another state, your credential moves with you. Regulations to work as a pharmacy technician vary from state to state. Be sure to check with your local Board of Pharmacy to verify the requirements in your new state. For more information:

What is the PTCB recertification process?

Recertification is required every two years from your certification date. A total of 20 hours of pharmacy technician-specific continuing education must be completed within the two-year period. At least one of the 20 hours must be pharmacy law and one hour must be patient safety.

Will I be notified when it is time to recertify?

PTCB will send an email to remind you of your upcoming recertification or reinstatement deadline. To ensure you receive this important information, please keep your MyPTCB account up to date as that is where the imformation is obtain from. For more information:

How much does it cost to recertify?

For recertification costs, please go to

I ordered the on-line version of Pharmacy Tech Topics™, but I would like the modules to be mailed to me instead.

If you accidentally ordered the on-line version of Pharmacy Tech Topics™ and you meant to order the printed and mailed modules, you can convert the order by calling the Association Headquarters office at 815-227-9292. There will be a $10 conversion fee to convert the order in addition to a charge for the difference in cost for the online modules versus the printed and mailed modules. Online Module Prices-$45 for a one year subscription---$69.95 for a two year subscription. Printed and Mailed Module Prices-$50 for a one year subscription--$79.95 for a two year subscription.

I lost a module that was mailed to my home, how do I replace it and what is the cost?

If you have modules mailed to your home and you misplace or lose it, there is a charge of $7.50 to replace that module. If you happen to misplace/lose a year's (4) modules the cost will be $30.00 to replace them.

How do I replace a CPE information sheet that has been mailed to my home?

If you lose your CPE Information Sheet that has been mailed to your home and need to replace it, call the office we will gladly replace for a $5.00 fee.

Where do I find the ACPE continuing professional development (CPD) forms to assist me in planning for my CE needs?

CPD Portfolio

What do I do if I have a grievance on CE program quality and believe the program failed to meet a majority of its educational goals?

Policy and Procedure for Educational Program Grievances

How do I report my credit to CE Broker?

Pharmacy technicians registered in Florida, please click this link for instructions on uploading your credit to CE Broker.

How many hours can I use for in-services?

Beginning January 2015, PTCB reduced the number of allowable CE hours earned through in-service training from 10 to 5. The new requirements are part of the program changes announced by PTCB in early 2013 to advance pharmacy technician qualifications by elevating PTCB's standards for certification and recertification. The revised CE requirements are meant to ensure that CPhTs are continually educated through programs that are specific to the demands placed on CPhTs in today's pharmacy settings.

Does my credit transfer over right away to my CPE monitor?

After taking your test online, it takes 24-48 hours for it to appear on your CPE Monitor page. If you do not see after 48 hours, please call the office at 815-227-9292.

What is Pharmacy Tech Topics™?

Pharmacy Tech Topics™ is a continuing education program designed to provide CPhTs with four modules of home study CPE each year. Upon successful completion of each module's post-test (70% or better), 2.5 hours of PTCB approved CPE credit will be awarded, and an CE information sheet will be made available to you to view and print in your account. Modules are released quarterly in January, April, July and October. Each one-year CPE subscription supplies at least 10 hours of CPE credit. Pharmacy Tech Topics™ accredits at least one hour of pharmacy law and one hour of patient safety CPE credit in alternating years. Therefore, a consecutive two-year subscription fulfills all of the recertification requirements for the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (PTCB).

How much does Pharmacy Tech Topics™ cost?

The online version of Pharmacy Tech Topics™ is $45.00 for a 1-year subscription of four (4) modules, or $69.95 for a 2-year subscription of eight (8) modules. Single modules may be purchased for $17.95 each or four (4) single modules for the same price as a 1-year subscription. Eight (8) single modules may be purchased for the same price as a 2-year subscription.

How do I get an official statement of credit or an official transcript to verify my CE credit?

The Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education (ACPE) requires all accredited CE providers to report all earned credit to CPE Monitor. We no long distribute official statements of credit through the Pharmacy Tech Topics™ website or mail. All official statements of credit and transcripts must be downloaded / printed off from your CPE Monitor account. Please go to, click on CPE Monitor, and log into your CPE Monitor account to access your credit history, or download official statements of credit and transcripts. All your accredited CPE history is now at CPE Monitor.

Recommended System Requirements

Operating Systems (minimum): Windows XP / Mac OS X 10.6 Internet Browsers (minimum): Chrome 4+, Internet Explorer 9+, Mozilla Firefox 4+, Safari 4+, Opera 15+, Edge 12+ (recommended): Chrome 40+, Internet Explorer 10+, Mozilla Firefox 40+, Safari 8+, Opera 25+, Edge 13+ Browser Settings Make sure cookies are enabled in your browser so all elements of our application work as expected. Pop-ups and javascript should be enabled in your browser, so you can view errors, alerts, and preview screens.

What is the Module Pre-Test?

Pharmacy Tech Topics™ is implementing a Pre-Test function for some of the education modules. This pre-test function will require subscribers to answer five questions about the topic BEFORE they may open the module PDF and begin studying. How will you know? You will see a Module Pre-Test tab next to the module title on your My Modules webpage. You will need to click on the Pre-Test tab to take the pre-test. Once the pre-test is completed and submitted, the subscriber will then be able to see the module PDF, open it, read it and then complete the final test. Subscribers still need to pass the final test to receive continuing pharmacy education (CPE) credit and have that credit uploaded to CPE Monitor. The pre-test is not for continuing education credit, nor do the results affect the final score. Publishers of Pharmacy Tech Topics™ are using the pre-test results to see if the module teaching is effective. The pre-test answers will be compared to the final test answers, which includes the five pre-test questions, to see if subscribers learned the correct answers through reading the module PDF.