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New Pre-Test Function Added to Modules

Pharmacy Tech Topics™ is implementing a Pre-Test function for some of the education modules. This pre-test function will require subscribers to answer five questions about the topic BEFORE they may open the module PDF and begin studying.

How will you know? You will see a Module Pre-Test tab next to the module title on your My Modules webpage. You will need to click on the Pre-Test tab to take the pre-test. Once the pre-test is completed and submitted, the subscriber will then be able to see the module PDF, open it, read it and then complete the final test. Subscribers still need to pass the final test to receive continuing pharmacy education (CPE) credit and have that credit uploaded to CPE Monitor.

The pre-test is not for continuing education credit, nor do the results affect the final score. Publishers of Pharmacy Tech Topics™ are using the pre-test results to see if the module teaching is effective. The pre-test answers will be compared to the final test answers, which includes the five pre-test questions, to see if subscribers learned the correct answers through reading the module PDF.